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As name suggests, AumPorul – Aum (ஓம்) + Porul (பொருள்). There are different meanings and perspectives for ஓம்/OM, here we are classifying it as Body, Mind, Spirit. 

AumPorul is an online marketplace connecting trusted local brands with larger audience. AumPorul is built and managed by AumPorul Technologies. We have started this initiative to spread awareness on health and share knowledge on spiritual science. Especially in today’s world, staying fit and keeping ourselves healthy & energetic always is a real challenge. Keeping body, mind, soul healthy enables us to reach the highest potential within and realize oneness.

There are good/genuine/quality products available in the market, however they are out of reach for many. The main intension of aumporul.com is to bridge this gap and promote local brands to our people (to reach wider audience). We promote only selective products from known circle (vendors) where we have high level of trust.

Thanks to all our gurus for bringing AumPorul into reality. Guruvae saranam!!!

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